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www.nitro-gear.com Nitro gear strives to develop cutting edge, unique and high quality applications for the differential & Axle industry.


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Differential Parts You Can Depend On. Nitro Gear & Axle strives to provide the highest quality differential components available. We take the steps necessary to ensure our parts are dependable. Our product range is continually growing to meet the needs of consumers for new ratios and applications. At Nitro we know differentials, and know what it takes to provide you with high quality components. Nitro gears are among the best in the industry. By using better materials, better machining and better lapping and heat treating processes, Nitro can ensure a strong, quiet-running, long-lasting setup. Each new product is subjected to multi-point inspections and then actually installed and set up by Nitro's own in-house differential experts to ensure excellent fitment and easy setup. At Nitro we strive to meet our consumers demands for new ratios and applications and we are continually developing new products to stay ahead of the competition.

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To provide better aftermarket Differential and Axle parts, for a wide range of applications. To stay at the forefront of the industry by developing new applications.


Winner of 3 separate SEMA 2016 Global Media Awards for our new UAZ 5.14 ratio gears.

Numerous industry firsts and exclusives, including:

First in Industry to offer complete, one part number, front and rear gear packages.
Chrysler 8.25" Double Drilled 3.73, 4.10 and 4.56 gears
Chrysler 8.75" 3.23 gears and new production '742' nodular iron drop-out housings.
Chrysler 9.25" Double Drilled 3.55, True 3.92 (Not 3.90) and 4.56 gears.
GM 8.875" 12 bolt car 3.08 & 3.31 gears.
GM cast iron Corvette 3.08 & 3.36 gears.
GM 1955-1962 truck 3.38 gear.
GM 1955-1964 car 3.08 7 3.36 gears.
GM 10.5" 14 bolt truck 40 spline spool.
Jeep WK Cherokee 4.10 gears.
Jeep TJ & JK Wrangler 35 spline axle tube sleeves.
Jeep JK Wrangler '1350 large u-joint' front axle kits.
Jeep JK Wrangler 4.10 & 4.56 gears.
Ford 2011+ F-250/F-350 Super Duty 4.10 & 4.30 gears.
Ford 10" CNC billet aluminum drop-out for 10" race gears.
Nissan Patrol 4.63 & 5.13 gears and chromoly axle kits.
Nissan Frontier & X-Terra front 5.13 gears.
Toyota Tundra 5.7L 4.88 gears.
Toyota FJ Cruiser, 4-Runner & Prado 4.56 & 4.88 gears.
Toyota 8" 29 spline upgrades, 3.73, 4.10, 4.56, 4.88, 5.29, 5.71 gears.
Toyota 8" clamshell (Tacoma & Hilux) 4.56 & 4.88 gears.
Toyota 8.2" 4.56 & 4.88 gears.
Toyota 9.5" 3.70 gears.
Toyota 8" reverse 29 spline (2003 & newer direct fit, 2002 & older upgrade) 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.88, 5.29 gears.
Toyota Land Cruiser 70/100/105 4.30 & 4.88 gears. 100 series upper control arms with serviceable ball joints AAM 11.8" 4.30 gears
Nitro Excalibur u-joints (297X/760X & 5-806X/5-332X) and many more.


Ring & Pinions, Full Float Rear Axles, C-Clip Rear Axles, Semi Float Rear Axles, Front Axles, Birfields, Full Spools, Mini Spools, Pinion Yokes, Positractions




Local (Washington) Install Service Writer:
Demetria C.


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