Dealership Request


Additional approval will be considered on receipt of emailed, faxed or mailed official dealer application.

A signature will be required for release of bank relationship information, and for verification of agreement with Nitro Gear & Axle terms and conditions. Billing disputes, kept merchandise, unpaid 20% restock fees, unpaid freight fees on undelivered merchandise and non-returned RGA product may cause revocation of purchasing privileges. Uncollected balances over 90 days may be subject to outside collection. Applicant agrees to pay all collection and legal fees. Applicant hereby grants to Nitro Gear & Axle a continuing security interest in all the drivetrain, accessories, other inventory, and all the proceeds/products there from, whether now or hereafter existing or acquired, including insurance proceeds, sold to Applicant which security interest covers all present and future sales of drivetrain and other inventory sold by the Company to the Applicant.

In the event of default in the payment of any sum due, Company shall have at any time thereafter the rights and remedies provided in the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of Washington including the right to take immediate possession of the collateral, sell the collateral at public or private sale, upon the terms and in such manner as the Company may determine.

Upon approval of credit, I agree to pay in full and in accordance with the terms of sale as indicated on Company invoices. A service charge will be added on past due accounts. I authorize my bank or other agencies with whom I have credit dealings to release financial information to Nitro Gear & Axle in support of this application. I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this application including an understanding of the credit disclosures herein, which are part of this application.

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