Nitro Gear & Axle Extended Travel Ball joint style Upper Control Arms (Pair) for Lexus and Toyota LX 470/Land Cruiser 1998-2007

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Extended Travel Ball joint style Nitro Gear Upper Control Arms (Pair)

The short-comings of OEM 100 Series IFS: In 1998 Toyota released the all new 100 series Land Cruiser to replace its solid axle 80 series models. While providing a much smoother ride and better handling on the road, the IFS proved to be very limited in suspension travel. Most lift kits for the IFS setup simply raise the front end by means of adjusting/replacing the torsion bars which actually reduces overall down-travel. This is the result of aftermarket suspension kits only utilizing stock length shocks. Driving over rough roads and potholes compounds this problem as the pre-loaded suspension, with fully extend shocks, has no more room for shock travel resulting in poor ride quality and premature shock failure. The only way to improve suspension travel is to run longer than stock shocks. The factory upper control arms also become a limiter as they will contact the shock body if using longer shocks. With a raised suspension height, the OEM upper ball-joint is forced to operate at an extreme angle and wider tires many times will not clear the factory upper control arms. The OEM ball-joint also has a potential to separate if a stock length shock were to break, leading to catastrophic failure of suspension, steering, and CV axle.

The Solution:

  • To solve the extreme ball joint angle of the stock arms the ball-joint cup is clocked to run level on vehicles with 2-3" additional ride height.
  • With the proper shock setup, this allows up to 50% increase in down travel over OE/Aftermarket suspension kits that use OE length shocks. (we offer these)

This listing is for the Upper Control Arms only.

See this listing to configure a Complete Suspension Kit

email for more information.

If you already have aftermarket suspension, and looking to upgrade we also offer the extended length shocks needed to utilize the full increase in travel that these UCA's allow.

Shock tips:

To utilize the full benefit of these UCAs, see the recommended Icon Vehicle Dynamics extended travel shock, as we worked directly with Icon to develop the proper specs to maximize travel and optimal dampening. (yes we've tried all the others)

  • ICON2.5LC100-F Icon Extended Travel Front 2.5"
  • Internal Reservoir Shock
  • ICON2.5LC100-EXT Icon Extended Travel Front 2.5"- Remote Reservoir Shock
  • ICON2.5LC100-CDC Icon Extended Travel Front 2.5"
  • Remote Reservoir Shock w/ CDC Adjusters

Coming soon for other models!



Tech Note:

We also recommend using a diff drop kit DIFFDROP-TLC100. Installation should be done by professionals with suspension experience. Suspension should be cycled prior to driving to avoid over-extension of steering components, cv"s etc.

View here for install tips.


*All Nitro Gear & Axle brand products are warrantied to be free of manufacturer defects for the specified period. Warranty requests must be made by the original purchaser and submitted by the dealer purchased from. Any parts sent for warranty consideration must be pre-approved and shipped prepaid freight to our facility with copy of RGA for our inspection & determination. We will not pay for labor, shipping cost, loss of revenue or perishable goods, commercial losses, costs of telephone calls, shipping or general inconvenience. This is our only warranty expressed or implied. Unauthorized warranty returns may be refused. Warranty generally covers MFG defects in material or workmanship. Abuse, overloading, improper lubrication, misuse, commercial or competition use voids warranty. Normal characteristics are not warrantable, such as Gear whine. Minor cosmetic flaws, dings, burrs from shipping or manufacturing, are not considered defect, it is installer responsibility to address these at time of install. Customer is responsible for shipping charges if warranty is granted. Warranty is for the original purchaser/user, is not transferable. Warranty covers one replacement or credit solely at our discretion. Warranty determinations are at our sole discretion.

In addition to the above conditions, see special notes for these products:

Ring & Pinion Warrantied against manufacturing defects. 2 years from date of purchase. Must provide set-up specs.

Chromoly front Axles, Excalibur Joints, 30/30 Birfield kits-Warrantied against manufacturing defects for the life of the vehicle. These products are also covered for Breakage. The Shaft / joint must be BROKEN. Wear, twisting, bending are not warrantable. Damages caused by failure of other parts are not warrantable, for example broken U-joint (other than Nitro Excalibur) causing damage to Axle ears.

Rear Chromoly Axles-Warrantied against manufacturing defects for 5 years. These products are also covered for Breakage. The Shaft must be BROKEN. Worn, twisted, or bent axles are not warrantable.


This product can expose you to chemicals including toluene and benzene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to:


  • The arms are 100% BOLT-ON
  • Heavy Duty Grease-able Sealed ball joint offers higher misalignment than OEM, and lasts much longer than uniball type arms, and no squeaks!
  • Removable Billet ball joint Top Cap
  • OEM style Rubber bushings for lower maintenance, quieter, less vibration and no squeaks!- Heavy wall tubular design provides more strength versus the flimsy OEM stamped steel arms.
  • Lower profile than OE, thus providing additional clearance for larger tires, and/or larger/ longer shocks.
  • 3 Degrees additional caster.
  • Will work on stock height vehicles as well.



Box Weight: 2 lb

Box Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 in

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